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The Medical Sciences Division (MSD) have developed a workbook to support departments who are not confident using charts and tables to present their data annexes for an Athena Swan application, or other EDI endeavour.

This can be found here: Department Data Template Charts.

Resources for using Survey Data

MSD have a suite of resources that departments can use to process their survey data out of the People Insight Dashboards

For access to People Insight survey dashboards please contact your Divisional facilitator 

To join the SES Users Peer Support Teams group: Join the channel here

MSD developed some intermediate Survey training in 2023 to support staff to use their survey data - you can find the slides which serve as a manual here - SES 2023 Tip, Tricks and further information (coming soon)

Other resources that will support you to use your survey can be found below:

Department Data Template Charts. This template workbook includes a tab for each of the mandatory Athena Swan data, including survey and includes template chart you can use to generate figures for your data annex

SES 2023 Demographic Comparison Workbook

Takes 2023 ‘Comparison’ outputs for multiple comparisons (with and without filters) and sorts all data side by side for comparison across all demographic input

Includes a tab showing Athena Swan data over time for the main groups

SES 2023 Full data download processing

Takes the output from an excel download on the ‘Homepage’ (all data for all questions for all staff, or a selected filtered demographic) and process to put in order, include n numbers for each response group and comparison data

SES 2023 AS Full Data Workbook

The workbook takes an excel output for each combination of major job role, gender and year (8 in total) and shows you all of the data in chart form over time for use in review, analysis or application


MSD have a suite of resources that departments can use to analyse their data, these are designed to work with the data outputs that can be found on the Sourcing Data tab of this website.

Each workbook is designed to guide you through how to use them, and full details can be found in the Sourcing data for Athena Swan and EDI guide. However it can be tricky to get going, so if you would like a quick tutorial, or for the MSD Facilitator to set it up for you please contact your Divisional facilitator.

A note for users with screen readers or other assistive technology:

All of the workbooks listed here have been accessibility checked, and pass. However using them requires processing often huge datasets which will be difficult for a user of assistive technology, and require accessing datasets using Tableau which is not yet fully accessible.

If a member of staff who uses a screen reader wishes to analyse their data using one of these workbooks please get in touch with the Divisional facilitator who can prepare a report for you.

Workbook title Workbook details

Student data workbook - locate, download and analyse

This workbook guides you through how to use SDMA on Tableau locate, download, review and visualise your student data quickly and simply, and will create charts which you can then just copy into your data annex. Also includes video guidance on exactly how to use it. This document only analyses by sex but reports linked provide ethnicity, disability and nationality data.

Tableau Staff Data Management

This workbook uses the underlying dataset from the Staff in Post Tableau reports which holds both by grade data (for ACARES) and Job Family data (PTO). The tabs walk you through checking for role grouping errors, and deciding how to combine and report Staff in Post by role type (Academic and Research) and by Job family (Professional, Technical and Operational).

Recruitment Data Workbook

This workbook uses the crosstab output Staff Recruitment Tableau reports (view 1) and groups recruitment by role group over the years available to help you identify any gendered trends in concert with the staff in post data.

Grant application success rates 

This workbook uses the output from the X5 Legal Sex reports to sort and chart your departmental data. Also includes a tab to help you review data by PI.

Training data workbook

Coming soon!
Leaver Data Workbook This workbook uses the Leaver Reason Data crosstab from the Athena Swan SiP reports in Tableau. The spreadsheet sorts the data by grade to show leaver distribution by grade and sex, and then examined the distribution of leaver reasons by sex, and leaver destinations types by sex. This is a more complex dataset so please contact your Divisional facilitator for support.


The divisional facilitator can help you if you need to source benchmark data for any particular area, however there is a resource collating potential benchmark data from Tableau (MSD divisional), HEIDI+ (Russell group by specialism). Please contact your Divisional facilitator for more information.