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Links and resources relating to gender identity and sexual orientation

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 University links and resources

Equality and Diversity Unit (EDU) Webpages on Sexual Orientation

Information about the University’s support for LGBT+ staff and initiatives to promote a more inclusive workplace.

EDU webpages on Transgender staff and student support

Information about the University’s support for transgender staff and students and initiatives to promote a more inclusive workplace.

LGBT Role models and Ally network – University of Oxford

Information on the LGBT+ Role Models Network, current role models and how to join.

Join the LGBT Staff network

The LGBT+ Staff Network welcomes all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + Oxford University staff, including OUP and the colleges. Post-graduate students are also welcome to join. The + represents minority gender identities and sexual orientations not included explicitly in the acronym LGBT. The network is inclusive of people with multiple identities, and work collaboratively with the Disabled Staff and BME Staff Networks. 

Here you can find out how to join the mailing list and the LGBT+ Staff network teams space

Recordings of Oxford’s LGBT+ History Month Lectures (podcasts)

Find a repository of LGBT History month lectures from the University of Oxford


External links and resources

Document(s) on these external pages may or may not be accessible.

Gendered Intelligence

A consultancy that offers training to companies wishing to develop their staff and organisations to be more welcoming to trans and gender diverse staff.

Pride in STEM

Useful Links About LGBT+ people in STEM.

Trans staff and students in HE and colleges: improving experiences (Advance HE)

This guidance aims to answer the most common questions, outlines how you can develop an inclusive culture and non-discriminatory policies, and offers tools and templates to support your work.

TransEDU Resources for HR on supporting Transgender people

There are many excellent existing resources on supporting trans staff and trans rights in employment, aimed at HR professionals. This page provides access to the main publications in this area, which will provide further insight into supporting trans staff and current practice across the UK.

LGBT in Britain: Health Report - Stonewall

LGBT in Britain - Health Report is Stonewall's report based on YouGov research with 5000 lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people across England, Scotland and Wales about their life in Britain today. This report, part of a series based on the research, looks at mental health and well-being of LGBT people and investigates the specific experiences of LGBT people when accessing healthcare services.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Curriculum: a Best Practice Guide - University of Birmingham

The overarching goal of the project has been to identify and develop best practice on LGBTQ inclusion in higher education – with a focus on teaching and learning. 

LGBT TOOLKIt, Royal society of chemistry

A comprehensive set of projects including:

Practising active LGBT Allyship - an introduction to developing good allyship practices.

Embedding LGBT Inclusivity into the science workplace - a guide that aims to equip individuals with change-making power in their organisations to use that power to champion a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming towards LGBT+ people.