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Medical Sciences Divisional Office (Education)
University of Oxford
The Fleming Suite
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Aga Bush

MA, MScEcon

Education & Funding Officer

I provide administrative support to the Educational Strategy and Quality Assurance team, incorporating the Medical Sciences Graduate School, with a particular focus on graduate funding and quality assurance activities.

Graduate Studentship Funding (Graduate School)

I am responsible for the day-to-day administration of Research Council funding activities within the Graduate School, including reporting on those activities. I support the Graduate School Officer in the administration of the annual Graduate School Studentship Competition and other student awards from several Trust Funds.

Education Administration

I undertake and report on a variety of activities, to maintain and improve the quality and standards of degrees for which the Division is responsible (and jointly responsible with other areas of the University). I also co-ordinate the Division’s Teaching Excellence Awards scheme. Additionally, under the oversight of the Educational Policy Officer, I support senior divisional officers in the development and implementation of educational policies at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I have been working for the University since 2007. I started in my current role of Education and Funding Officer in the Medical Sciences Divisional Office in September 2014. Before that I was based in the Examination Schools and worked first as a Student Information Officer (providing a single point of contact for students on all aspects of the student career) and then as the Taught Degrees Supervisor in the Examinations and Assessments team, where I was responsible for coordinating and enhancing central university processes for examiner nominations and fee payments as well as student submissions within the area of taught degrees.