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Research groups

Research Themes

Genome Integrity & Epigenetics (Collaborator)

Immunology (Collaborator)


Mark Middleton

Head, Department of Oncology

  • Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine
  • Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford Cancer and Haematology Centre

Research Summary

I’m interested in the development of new drugs to treat cancer, principally immunotherapies. To achieve this I work with scientists and drug companies to validate drug targets, optimise candidate molecules and design both pre-clinical testing programmes and early clinical trials, with the aim of bringing these trials to patients here in Oxford.


Mark trained in Medicine at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and in Oncology at the Christie Hospital and University of Manchester. His clinical and research interests are in new cancer drug development and the treatment of upper GI cancers and melanoma. He has been Chief or Principal Investigator on over 100 trials and is closely involved in the development of new therapies including DNA repair, immune checkpoint and kinase inhibitors, ImmTACs and oncolytic viruses. Mark is Director of the CRUK Oxford Centre and Head of Oncology at the University of Oxford, where he founded the Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit.


I deliver trials through the Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit and with the Oncology Clinical Trials Office. My translational research is conducted through collaborations and I co-supervise several students:

  • Rebecca Wiltshire (with Dr Michele Peters)
  • Alina Popa (with Immunocore)
  • Fei Gao (with Profs Graham Ogg and Tao Dong)
  • Rob Watson (with Dr Ben Fairfax).

Group Alumni & Next Destinations

  • Nicholas Coupe, DPhil Student (with V Macaulay) – Consultant Medical Oncologist, OUH
  • Ioannis Karydis, DPhil Student (with V Cerundolo) – Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton
  • Richard Owen, DPhil Student (with X Lu) – Academic Surgeon, OUH and University of Oxford
  • Jonathon Kwok, DPhil Student (with P Klenerman) – CEO, Infinitopes
  • Vinton Cheng, DPhil Student with (N Sibson – Academic Clinical Lecturer, University of Leeds