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Kristoffer Petersson


MRC Investigator & Group Leader - FLASH Radiation


FLASH radiation is a novel radiotherapy technique that show great potential in improving cancer treatment. However, very little is known about the biological mechanisms behind the highly beneficial FLASH effect. The research group aims to identify these mechanisms, explain the effect, and to find the optimal way of implementing the technique in clinical practice.


Kristoffer is a Medical physicist from Helsingborg, Sweden, and holds a M.Sc. (2009) and a Ph.D. (2014) in Medical Radiation Physics from Lund University, Sweden. Kristoffer enjoyed a Post-doc period (2014-2017) working on FLASH radiation at CHUV, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lately, he has worked as a clinical medical physicist (2017-2019) and started his own research group in FLASH radiotherapy (2017-) at Skåne University Hospital. Since 2019, Kristoffer is Group leader of the research group "Physics and Biology of FLASH Radiation" in the Department of Oncology.

Talking FLASH with Athan and Christian


Christian Cooper, Postdoctoral Researcher

Lana Hendrawan, Research Assistant

Nathalie Lövgren, DPhil Student

Salomé PaillasPostdoctoral Researcher

Jia-Ling RuanPostdoctoral Researcher

Sovan Sarkar, Postdoctoral Researcher

Edward Taylor, DPhil Student

Iain Tullis, Postdoctoral Researcher & Lab manager