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Associate Professor Jonathan Emberson

Associate Professor Jonathan Emberson

Jonathan Emberson

BA, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

  • MRC PHRU Programme Leader
  • NDPH Deputy Director of Graduate Studies
  • Clinical Trial Service Unit
  • MSC in Global Health Science Module Lead: Clinical Trials and Meta-Analysis

Jonathan is a Senior Statistican at the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU). He joined CTSU in 2004 after completing his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and postgraduate degrees in Statistics and Epidemiology. He is now the statistical lead for CTSU’s Vascular Overviews and Renal Studies Groups, and is CTSU’s principal investigator for the Mexico City Prospective Study of 150,000 middle-aged Mexican adults. His main research interests are studying the causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease, with a particular emphasis on large-scale individual participant meta-analyses of both observational and randomised studies.