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Jennifer Carter

BA, MRes, PhD

Associate Course Director, MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology, Senior Research Fellow, CTSU

Jennifer joined Oxford as a teaching and research fellow in epidemiology and statistics in 2014. As an Associate Course Director, she assists with the curriculum development and pedagogical leadership for the MSc in Global Health Science & Epidemiology course. She has also worked as module lead for both the Statistics and Epidemiology modules on this course; providing lectures, tutorials and assessments; and she coordinates the Summer Lecture Series and a short course in Epidemiology.

Her current research examines the measurement and influence of adiposity, dietary intake and other vascular risk factors with the risk of cardiovascular disease in large, prospective studies around the globe.  She is currently a research member of the common room for Kellogg College.

Before coming to Oxford, Jennifer completed a Master of Research (MRes) degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester, and a PhD in Epidemiology at King’s College London. Her previous research examined psychosocial influences on the development of socioeconomic inequalities in mental and physical health across the life course.

In 2017, Jennifer won the Medical Sciences Division Early Career Teaching Excellence Award. She also won 'Most Acclaimed Lecturer of the Year' in 2018 for the Oxford Student Union student-led teaching awards.