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Dr Iryna Schlackow

Dr Iryna Schlackow

Iryna Schlackow

MMath, DPhil

Senior Researcher

Iryna Schlackow is a Senior Researcher in Health Economics. Her main area of interest covers questions related to chronic kidney and cardiovascular diseases, such as decision-analytic modelling, assessing long-term health outcomes and cost-effectiveness of interventions, and socioeconomics aspects of the disease. She works with large randomised controlled trials (SHARP, REVEAL), meta-analyses of statin trials (CTT) and routine datasets (linked CPRD data). Based on SHARP data, and with the help of collaborators, she has developed the SHARP CKD-CVD model, which projects lifetime cardiovascular event risks, kidney disease projection, (quality-of-life adjusted) survival and healthcare costs based on individual patients’ risk profiles.

Prior to joining the department, Iryna worked as a statistician in the Infectious Diseases and Microbiology group of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, modelling disease trends using routinely collected data. Details of this work could be found here.

Iryna comes from a pure mathematics background and completed a DPhil in Functional Analysis. To maintain her interest in the subject, she has for many years taught pure mathematics at a variety of Oxford colleges (St. Hilda's, Jesus, New, Pembroke and Brasenose) as well as courses on LaTeX.