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Research groups

We are grateful for past & present support from

  • John Fell OUP Fund
  • Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation
  • Royal Society
  • European Commission
  • MRC, BBSRC & EPSRC Next Generation Microscopy Initiative

Ed Mann

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

  • University Lecturer
  • Deputy Director of Graduate Studies

The main focus of our research is on understanding the mechanisms underlying oscillations and plasticity in mammalian cortical circuits, in both health and disease. We have several collaborations within OXION that facilitate this research, and have jointly funded projects with Professor Tony Wilson (Engineering) and Dr Gil Bub to develop the advanced optical microscopy techniques necessary to dissect cortical circuit function.

The group also works with Professor David Paterson and Dr Gil Bub in order to understand the neural control of cardiac rhythms. Our particular interest in this interdisciplinary research lies in providing insight into the mechanisms of autonomic dysfunction and sudden death in epilepsy. 


Edward Mann received a BA in Experimental Psychology (1996), an MSc in Neuroscience (1998), and a DPhil in Pharmacology (2002) from the University of Oxford. His postdoctoral research in cortical network physiology was pursued under the mentorship of Professor Ole Paulsen, University of Oxford (2002-2006), and subsequently Professor Istvan Mody, University of California at Los Angeles (2007-2010). He was appointed University Lecturer at the Department of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics from 2011, associated with a Tutorial Fellowship at St Hugh's College, and currently holds a BBSRC New Investigator Award.

Doctoral Training Centre Degrees