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In addition to the research training support grant (£5,000 pa) and travel grant (£300 pa) all MRC funded students and clinical training fellows can apply for additional funding to fund one of the following.

  • High cost training (maximum award of £5k per annum for 3 years) in areas which could include (but does not exclusively cover):

         - advanced in vivo training
         - imaging training
         - skills priority training
         - bioinformatics training
         - modelling training
         - clinical training 

  • Exceptional training opportunities, such as overseas fieldwork, time ‘out of programme’ to complete a complementary and beneficial placement, or training in new advanced research skills (maximum award of £1k per month for 3 months or the cost of the training course/s)
  • Opportunities to provide training with industry or at the interdisciplinary interface (maximum award of £1k per month for 3 months or the cost of the training course/s)
  • Transitions from DPhil to first post-doc positions to increase the competitiveness of outstanding candidates (maximum award of 6 months of additional stipend plus a possible contribution towards the cost of consumables. Note: (1) Candidates nominated for these awards must be in the final year of their DPhil; (2) Departments/PIs are strongly encouraged to apply for the salary only and provide the candidate with consumables funding from internal sources; (3) An award may only be started once the candidate has submitted their thesis)

Who is eligible?

All MRC-funded students, including:

  • MRC DTP funded students
  • MRC Industrial Strategy Students
  • MRC Industrial CASE and Capacity Building students
  • MRC Unit, Centre, Institute or Partnership students
  • MRC Clinical Research Training Fellows

How to apply?

MRC-funded students and their supervisors will be invited to apply for funding in May each year with a deadline in June and a decision in early September. An application form and instructions can be obtained from the programme administrator.

Details of the 2023 application round will be available in the due course.

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