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Aneesh Aggarwal

Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health


Modelling Early Ovarian Tumorigenesis using Fallopian Tube Organoids


Supervisors: Ahmed Ashour Ahmed, Mara Artibani

Benjamin Keedwell

Photo of Benjamin KeedwellNuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Development of Methods to Assess Intracranial Vessel Stiffness as a Measure of Vascular Disease


Supervisors: Peter Jezzard, Thomas Okell

Daniel Atkinson

photo of Daniel AtkinsonRadcliffe Department of Medicine

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Inter-vendor standardisation and quality assurance of quantitative cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) T1-mapping for clinical practice


Supervisors: Stefan Piechnik, Vanessa Ferreira

Aleksandr Kovalenko

Photo of Aleksandr KovalenkoDepartment of Biochemistry

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


In silico characterisation of portal proteins for application as biosensors


Supervisors: Syma Khalid

Rebecca Braine

Photo of Rebecca BraineDepartment of Pharmacology


Investigating the role of uptake and metabolism in the mechanism of action of the drug N-acetyl-leucine


Supervisors: Frances Platt, Grant Churchill

Konstantinos Lekkos

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics


Investigating the role of oxidative metabolism in cardiomyocyte dedifferentiation and zebrafish heart regeneration


Supervisors: Mathilda Mommersteeg, Lisa Heather

Maria Bunyan

Photo of Maria BunyanDepartment of Psychiatry

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Development of a digital behavioural intervention to reduce dementia risk in ageing adults


Supervisors: John Gallacher, Ivan Koychev

Hao Li

Photo of Hao LiNuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Highly Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Angiography using Deep Learning


Supervisors: Thomas Okell, Peter Jezzard, Mark Chiew, Iulius Dragonu

Han Cai

Photo of Han CaiNuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Sciences


Illuminating T cells in their local microenvironments to understand how they sense and adapt to their trigger during infection


Supervisors: Audrey Gerard, Tal Arnon

Nicole Machado

Photo of Nicole MachadoDepartment of Oncology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


How does the tumour microenvironment affect cancer cell responses to DNA damage repair inhibition during radiotherapy?


Supervisors: Geoffrey Higgins

Alfie Carter

Photo of Alfie CarterDepartment of Oncology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Using oncolytic viral therapy to target the tumour microenvironment in chromosomally unstable cancers


Supervisors: Eileen Parkes, Simon Buczacki

Alexandra Mcstea

Photo of Alexandra McSteaDepartment of Biochemistry


Mechanisms of deubiquitination in DNA repair


Supervisors: Ian Gibbs-Seymour, Paul Elliott

Maira Cordelle

Photo of Maira CordelleNuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Sciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Engineering skeletal muscle using a humanoid bioreactor platform


Supervisors: Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy, Sarah Snelling

Eloise Newman

Photo of Eloise NewmanDepartment of Biology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Harnessing the social transmission of microbiota to improve health and immunity


Supervisors: Joshua Firth, Sarah Knowles

Hannah Dobbs

Photo of Hannah DobbsNuffield Department of Clinical Medicine


iPSC Macrophages/microglia and genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screening to investigate lipid accumulation in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s Disease


Supervisors: Elena Navarro Guerrero, Emma Mead, Margarida Ruas

Zachary Rawlinson

Photo of Zachary RawlinsonDepartment of Oncology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


Promoting cancer cell’s antigen presentation for T cell immunotherapy


Supervisors: Shisong Jiang, Tim Donohoe

Jasmine Ming Gan

Photo of Jasmine GanNuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences


Delirium and Dementia in Hospitalised Older People with Acute Illness: Risk Factors, Mechanisms and Prognosis


Supervisors: Sarah Pendlebury, Peter Rothwell

Holly Roach

Photo of Holly RoachNuffield Department of Clinical Medicine


Understanding how perturbations in microbial mimicry promotes breakdown in tolerance to insulin


Supervisors: Marcin Pekalski, John Todd

Samuel Jones

Radcliffe Department of Medicine


Project: tbc


Supervisors: Christopher Toepfer, Hugh Watkins

Catharina Savelkoul

Photo of Catharina SavelkoulDepartment of Primary Care Health Sciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship


GPs labour trajectories and patients’ health outcomes in general practices


Supervisors: Catia Nicodemo, Simon de Lusignan, Joan Madia, Stavros Petrou 

Bakita Kasadha

Photo of Bakita KasadhaDepartment of Primary Care Health Sciences


Understanding the experiences of UK-based peer/community-based researchers navigating co-production within academically-led health research


Supervisors: Sue Ziebland, Teresa Finlay, Cicely Marston.

Lottie Shipp

Photo of Lottie ShippDepartment of Experimental Psychology


Understanding cognitive and behavioural mechanisms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder in adolescents


Supervisors: Polly Waite, Eleanor Leigh

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