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Maddalena Ardissino

Maddalena ArdissinoNuffield Department of Population Health

MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology

Desire Habonimana

Desire HabonimanaNuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Preparing for Paediatric Service Redesign (PREPARE) in a Low-Income Country: exploring the needs and capacity of producing paediatric workforce in BDI

Supervisors: Michael English, Catia Nicodemo 

Laura Bailey

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship conversion

Title: TBC

Supervisors: David Ray, Noelia Martinez Sanchez, Matthew Baxter, Ana Isabel Dias Neto Domingos

Anisa Hajizadeh

A HajizadehDepartment of Primary Care Health Sciences

The effect of dietary interventions in treating essential hypertension in primary care

Supervisors: Paul Aveyard, Dimitrios Koutoukidis, Rachna Aziz Begh

Adrianna Banducci-Karp

Adrianna Banducci-KarpSir William Dunn School of Pathology

Viral manipulation of host cell biology for assembly, secretion and immune evasion 

Supervisors: Sumana Sanyal, Pedro Carvalho 

Brooke Hewitson

Nuffield Department of Population Health

MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology

Oliver Beaven

Oliver BeavanRadcliffe Department of Medicine

Title: TBC

Supervisors: Ketan Patel, Ian Pavord

Emily Hyde

Emily HydeNuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship conversion

The Role of Vitamin D in the Development and Prevention of Preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Supervisors: Manu Vatish

Jasmine Blane

Jasmine BlaneDepartment of Psychiatry

Translating sophisticated remote cognitive assessments for the Oxford Brain Health Centre clinical population

Supervisors: Clare Mackay 

Aurelija Ippolito

Aurelija IppolitoDepartment of Pharmacology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship conversion

The role of 5-HT receptor biased agonism in psychedelic drug action

Supervisors: Trevor Sharp, Grant Churchill 

IsAbel Brooks

Isabel BrooksNuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Understanding host-microbe interactions in the gastrointestinal tract and their contributions to chronic inflammatory responses

Supervisors: Carolina Arancibia-Carcamo, Paul Klenerman 

Rachel Jones

Rachel JonesDepartment of Biochemistry

Projects involving a diverse combination of biophysical and structural techniques, focused on biochemistry of microbes

Supervisors: Benjamin Berks, Richard Berry

Daniele Cotton

Daniele CottonNuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Understanding the importance of location within the tumour-bone microenvironment Field: Bone Oncology

Supervisors: Claire Edwards, James Edwards, Srinivasa Rao Rao 

Meredith Leston

Meredith LestonDepartment of Primary Care Health Sciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship

Real-time benefit-risk assessment of vaccine exposure across a nationally representative primary care sentinel network 

Supervisors: Simon de Lusignan, Richard Hobbs, Mark Joy 

Katie Croft

Katie CroftRadcliffe Department of Medicine

Title: TBC

Supervisors: Claus Nerlov

Sam Murray 

Sam MurrayNuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Title: TBC

Supervisors: Eleanor Barnes, Susanna Dunachie, Paul Klenerman 

Constantinos Demetriou

Constantinos DemetriouDepartment of Oncology

Investigating the role of inflammation in pancreatic cancer

Supervisors: Shisong JiangEric O'Neill 

Bethan O'Connor

Bethan O'ConnorDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics

Dopamine transporter regulation of short-term plasticity in dopamine release

Supervisors: Stephanie Cragg

Alice Evans 

Alice EvansDepartment of Oncology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship

Optimising CAR-T efficacy in pancreatic cancer with bioengineered scaffolds and immune agonists

Supervisors: Hua Ye, Eric O'Neill 

Samuel Ponting

Department of Experimental Psychology

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship

Enhancing health and well-being across the lifespan using bio-informed lighting in the built environment

Supervisors: Hannah Smithson, Manuel Spitschan  

Natasha Fisher-Pearson

Natasha Fisher-PearsonNuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

The Microbiome and Vaccine Response

Supervisors: Jethro Johnson, Mark Coles, Claire Pearson, Paola Cicconi

Joel Quinn

Joel QuinnDepartment of Clinical Neurosciences

Investigation of immune checkpoint receptor activation as a strategy for treating retinal inflammation

Supervisors: Kanmin Xue


MIRANDA Geddes-Barton

Miranda Geddes-BartonDepartment of Population Health

MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology

Esra Sengul

Esra SengulDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics

Unrevealing the Mystery of Heart Regeneration with Astyanax mexicanus

Supervisors: Mathilda Mommersteeg, Carolyn Carr

DanNY Gold 

Danny GoldDepartment of Biochemistry

Studying the role of Aurora A and Protein Phosphatase 6 in regulation of NDC80 during mitosis

Supervisors: Francis Barr, Bela Novak 

Ayaka Shinozaki

Ayaka ShinozakiDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship conversion

Development of Novel RF Coils for Hyperpolarized MRI

Supervisors: Damian Tyler, James Grist 

Dongyu Gong

Dongyu GongDepartment of Experimental Psychology

How Does Memory Guide Attention in Suppressing Distractors? Towards the Understanding of Its Neural Mechanisms

Supervisors: Kia Nobre 

Gina Wren 

Gina WrenDepartment of Primary Care Health Sciences

Industrial Collaborative (iCASE) Studentship 

Using Behavioural Insights to Improve Effectiveness of Digital Weight Loss Interventions’

Supervisors: Susan Jebb, Dimitrios Koutoukidis, Jadine Scragg 

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