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Department of Experimental Psychology

Decision confidence as a function of multiple uncertainty judgments: An investigation of Bayesian inference in decision-making and learning

Supervisors: Nicholas Yeung


sara bandiera

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics

Engineering and validating polarised organoids: Modelling complex long-range brain interactions by directional morphogen delivery

Supervisors: Zoltan Molnar, William James


Lampros Bisdounis

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Sleep and circadian neuroscience in psychiatric disorders DPhil title: Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in bipolar disorder

Supervisors: Simon Kyle, Katharine Saunders, Colin Espie



Department of Engineering Science

Enhancing immunotherapy using oxygen microbubbles

Supervisors: Eleanor Stride, Robin Cleveland



Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

DPhil Clinical Medicine - title TBC

Supervisors: Benjamin Davies



Department of Population Health

Investigating the health and care needs of women with multiple medical conditions in pregnancy

Supervisors: Marian Knight, Lisa Hinton



Radcliffe Department of Medicine

DPhil Medical Sciences - title TBC

Supervisors: Edward Morrissey, Marella De Bruijn


Hendrik Ehlers

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

Oxford Neuroscience

Supervisors: TBC


fiona hartley

Department of Oncology

Deciphering the regulation of non-coding RNAs in a hypoxic tumour microenvironment

Supervisors: Francesca Buffa, Adrian Harris


Maisha jabeen

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

The role of chronic bacterial airways infection in driving severe asthma

Supervisors: Timothy Hinks, Ian Pavord, Paul Klenerman


mark loebel

Department of Biochemistry

DPhil in Biochemistry - title TBC

Supervisors: Simon Newstead, Stephen Barry



Department of Psychiatry

Ethics and Machine Learning: Adolescent Suicide Prediction on Social Media

Supervisors: Ilina Singh, Hannah Maslen


katie mellor

Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Improving the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of external pilot and feasibility studies

Supervisors: Sally Hopewell, Susan Dutton


Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Diet, weight management and gestational diabetes

Supervisors: Susan Jebb, Dimitrios Koutoukidis



Department of Pharmacology

The pathology of traumatic brain injury and the role of sub-populations of extracellular vesicles

Supervisors: Daniel Anthony


Keanu Paphiti

Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics

Development of in vitro 3D white adipose cell culture models for investigating white adipose cell biology and genetics of fat distribution

Supervisors: Roger Cox



Department of Oncology

A Sting in the Tail for Cancer

Supervisors: Peter McHugh, Adrian Harris



Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Mechanisms safe-guarding genome integrity during cell division

Supervisors: Ulrike Gruneberg


Jacob Robson-Tull

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

DPhil Molecular Cell Biology in Health and Disease - title TBC

Supervisors: Susan Lea, Pedro Carvalho



Department of Psychiatry

Cognitive neurostimulation as an antidepressant strategy?

Supervisors: Michael Browning, Jacinta O'Shea



Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

DPhil in Chromosome and Developmental Biology

Supervisors: TBC


Lorika Shkreli

Department of Psychiatry

Towards an integrated neuroscientific understanding of anxiety: Growth factors as underlying anxiety vulnerability markers

Supervisors: Andrea Reinecke



Radcliffe Department of Medicine

DPhil Medical Sciences - title TBC

Supervisors: Andrew Wilkie, Stephen Twigg



Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Understanding the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Supervisors: Martin Turner, Elizabeth Gray


Hannah Willis

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Combining brain stimulation and rehabilitation to improve visual function in hemianopia due to stroke

Supervisors: Kathryn Watkins, Holly Bridge

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