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Maryam Alkadimi

Department of Oncology

Establishment of an ex vivo precision-cut lung slice model for the evaluation of drug-radiation responses

Supervisors: Anderson Ryan


Hugo Benainous

Department of Oncology

Repair of DNA-damage induced by G-quadruplex stabilization in BRCA 1/2-deficient cells

Supervisors: Madalena Tarsounas, Anderson Ryan


Sebastian Birtles

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Modulation of Sexual Behaviour by the Neuropeptide SIFamide

Supervisors: Stephen Goodwin


Briet Bjarkadottir

Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health

Towards non-invasive fertility preservation: an investigation of the effect of chemotherapy on primordial follicles

Supervisors: Suzannah Williams, Sheila Lane


Miranda Buckle

Department of Paediatrics

Multi-modal characterisation of the neonatal pain response during retinopathy of prematurity screening and treatment

Supervisors: Rebeccah Slater, Chetan Patel and Caroline Hartley


Emily Carroll

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Programme

DPhil in Neuroscience

Supervisors: Kevin Talbot, Ana Candalija


Athena Cavounidis

Department of Clinical Medicine

Dissecting anti-microbial pathways in Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome

Supervisors: Hans Uhlig, Fiona Powrie


Jenny Censin

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

From correlation to causation: metabolites and proteins in cardiometabolic disease

Supervisors: Cecilia Lindgren, Mark McCarthy, Michael Holmes


Giedre Cepukaityte

Department of Experimental Psychology

Short- and long-term memory functions in health and neurodegeneration

Supervisors: Kia Nobre, Nahidsadat Zokaei


Dimitra Dimou

Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (Radcliffe Department of Medicine)

The role of RUNX1 in MLL-AF4 leukaemia

Supervisors: Thomas Milne


Ruth Drury

Department of Paediatrics

Understanding Host Epigenetic changes to Salmonella Typhi Exposure and Infection in the context of a Human Challenge Model

Supervisors: Andrew Pollard, Irina Mohorianu, Daniel O'Connor


Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis smilingDepartment of Oncology

Cell Signalling in Cancer

Supervisors: Deborah Goberdhan, Valentine MacAuley


Kamran Gaba

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Identifying Optimal Pathways of Care in the Delivery of Carotid Interventions

Supervisors: Martin Landray, Richard Bulbulia, Alison Halliday, Prem Chana


Peregrine Green

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Predictors of Cardiac Reverse Remodelling in Heart Failure

Supervisors: Neil Herring, Oliver Rider


Lilli Hahn

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Mechanisms of nuclear envelope reassembly

Supervisors: Pedro Carvalho


Andrew Harper

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

The genetic aetiology of hypertropic cardiomyopathy

Supervisors: Martin Farrall, Hugh Watkins, Anuj Goel


Cornelia Heuberger

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Antigen presentation and T cell regulation by intestinal epithelial cells

Supervisors: Kevin Maloy, Johanna Pott, Fiona Powrie


Ryan Hoyle

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

The role of CRTH2 + CD8 + T cells in severe asthma

Supervisors: Paul Klenerman, Ian Pavord, Luzheng Xue, Timothy Hinks


Patrick Inns

Department of Biochemistry

The Organisation and Dynamics of E. coli Outer Membrane Proteins

Supervisors: Klenthis Kleanthous, Shabaz Mohammed



Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Unravelling the role of the IL-23 axis in colorectal cancer

Supervisors: Fiona Powrie, Elizabeth Mann



Department of Experimental Psychology

Exploring social metacognition

Supervisors: Nicholas Yeung


Peter Kilfeather

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Examination of gene expression using translating ribosome affinity purification in genetic models of Parkinson’s disease

Supervisors: Richard Wade-Martins, Natalie Connor-Robson


Anna Kordala

Anna KordalaDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Targeting epigenetic proteins to treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Supervisors: Matthew Wood, Suzan Hammond


Jennifer Lane

Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

The epidemiology of common hand conditions

Supervisors: Dominic Furniss, Jane Green, Daniel Alhambra


Shudong Li

Department of Oncology

Characterisation of DNA-Protein Crosslink Repair, a novel DNA repair pathway for protection from accelerated ageing and cancer

Supervisors: Kristijan Ramadan, Benedikt Kessler


Helena Meyer-Berg

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Gene Therapy for Surfactant Disorders

Supervisors: Stephen Hyde, Deborah Gill


Jack Mills

Department of Oncology

Nuclear IGF-1R as a potential target for precision cancer medicine

Supervisors: Valentine Macaulay, Ian Mills


Lisa Nobis

Department of Psychiatry

Depression and Apathy in Parkinson's disease

Supervisors: Clare Mackay, Masud Husain


Caitlin O'Brien-Ball

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Investigating triggering events in T&B Lymphocytes

Supervisors: Simon Davis, Ana Mafalda Santos


Thomas Reed

Department of Experimental Psychology

Adaptive non-invasive brain stimulation

Supervisors: Roi Kadosh, Mark Woolrich


Carolina Reis

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Thalamocortical interactions: a theoretical, analytical and clinical overview

Supervisors: Peter Brown, Hayriye Cagnan, Andrew Sharott


Jagoda Rokicka

Department of Biochemistry

PARP-dependent DNA damage repair

Supervisors: Nicholas Larkin


Aislin Sheldon

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Understanding degeneration and the capacity for reorganisation in the adult human visual cortex

Supervisors: Holly Bridge, Susan Downes


Ann-Marie Shorrocks

Department of Oncology

A DNA repair interactome based on linear peptide motifs

Supervisors: Andrew Blackford, Peter McHugh


Inna Thalmann

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Determinants of use of medications for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease

Supervisors: Borislava Mihaylova, Iryna Schlackow, Alastair Gray, David Preiss


Sandeep Unwith

Department of Oncology

Aging-associated changes in the tumour microenvironment determine cancer progression and metastasis

Supervisors: Adrian Harris


Alexander Walker

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Insights into the mechanism of viral genome replication by the influenza A virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Supervisors: Ervin Fodor


Catherine Wormald

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine

Identification of novel CD4 and CD8 T cell epitopes for targeting in HIV-1 vaccine design

Supervisors: Persephone Borrow, Nicola Ternette


Liam Young

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Metabolic assessment of perfused livers using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy

Supervisors: Christopher Rodgers, Constantin Coussios, Peter Friend

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