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2021 Oxford-MRC DTP Symposium took place online on 24th June 2021.



Time Title

Welcome by the DTP Director

Short presentation by Peer Supporters


Student talks - Session 1

Claire Blacklock - The social ties of hospital staff: a realist synthesis

Karen Wendt - Developing an enhanced transcranial magnetic stimulator

Imran H. Yusuf - Gene therapy rescues cone and rod photoreceptor function in a pre-clinical model of CDHR1-associated retinal degeneration through restoration of outer segments

11:15 Tea/Coffee break

Student talks - Session 2

Barnabas Williams - Investigation of the Plasmodium falciparum RH5-Interacting Protein (PfRIPR) as a blood-stage malaria vaccine target

Cornelia Heuberger - Antigen presentation and T cell regulation by intestinal epithelial cells

Caitlin O'Brien-Ball - The Role of T-cell Receptor Expression and Signalling in Early Contact Formation by T Cells

12:30 Lunch break

Keynote panel - Developing a vaccine during an ongoing pandemic

Prof Sarah Gilbert,  Dr Tess Lambe and Dr Cath Green


'3MRC' (3-Minute Research Competition)

Maisha Jabeen - Application of Modern Molecular Microbiological Techniques to Identify Treatable Chronic Bacterial Airway Infection in Severe Asthma

Adam Bush - Oxygen Microbubbles to Relieve Tissue Hypoxia in Cancer Therapy

Sara Bandiera - Characterization of the earliest thalamocortical interactions in the human fetal brain

Alice Brankin - Predicting fluoroquinolone resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Rishi Anand - Glycine reduces evoked striatal dopamine release in a region-dependent manner

Bethany Charlton - Immunological and genetic correlates of delayed HIV-1 disease


Daniele Corridoni (Kymab Ltd, Oxford) - Translating precision immunology into novel therapeutics: drug discovery without borders

15:25 Alison Murphy (Oxford Pharmagenesis) - My journey from academia to medical communications
c. 15:50

Conclusion & prizes


For further details please browse the Symposium Brochure.




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Thank you to the Student Organising Committee:

Jan Boehning

Athena Cavounidis

Katarzyna Chwalenia

Delaney Dominey-Foy

Cornelia Heuberger

Wojciech Lason

Magda Mareckova

Louisa Zolkiewski

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