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The college to which you apply has no bearing on your chances of gaining a place: the ratio of interviews to places is the same across all the colleges (so colleges with large numbers of places see more applicants at interview). Your focus should therefore be on the style and content of the programme we offer, not on spending too much time comparing colleges unnecessarily. Every applicant is interviewed at two colleges, helping to ensure that the strength of each college's cohort of applicants is very similar.

Because each applicant is interviewed by two colleges, around a third of the successful applicants are placed at a college other than the one they originally selected on their UCAS form.

If you don't have a strong view about a particular college, we encourage you to make an open application that allows us to assign you to a college based on the numbers of available places and the number of applications. This is designed to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to compete for the available places. However, if you have decided that one particular college appeals to you - perhaps because of its location or its facilities - then you should specify that college on application form.

If you want to find out which colleges admit students for Biomedical Sciences, you can find that information on the colleges page.