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The BioMedical Admissions test is a subject-specific pre-interview admissions test. It aims to differentiate between candidates in a field where most will be performing academically at the very highest level. It is intended to be a test that challenges, and one that candidates are advised to prepare for by familiarizing themselves with the format, and past papers. All candidates wishing to apply for Biomedical Sciences at the University of Oxford are required to register for and sit the BMAT. The BMAT is owned and administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. You can find further information on the test on their BMAT website. Here you will find information on registration, test centres, and arrangements for sitting the test, including advice on preparing for the test. Should you need extra assistance in planning to sit the test, for instance to accommodate a medical condition, please contact The Admissions Testing Service or your intended test centre as early as possible to discuss your circumstances.

Please note, the University of Oxford will not accept BMAT results from the September sitting for A100 Medicine and BC98 Biomedical Sciences. If you are applying for either of these courses at Oxford, you must take the test in October.