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The Oxford Medical Statistics Network (OxStat) is open to staff and postgraduate students with an interest in medical statistics, working or studying within the Medical Sciences Division. The aim of the group is to facilitate networking, communication and collaboration, and to provide informal support and foster good practice.

Oxford Medical Statistics Network logo

The network circulates a newsletter and holds free events every term, such as talks and workshops from internal and external speakers. Anyone within the division with an interest in medical statistics (epidemiologists, medical statisticians, health economists, DPhil students) is welcome to join.

Network aims

  • To provide an opportunity for networking with fellow medical statisticians in Oxford
  • To provide a hub of informal support and shared learning
  • To encourage collaborative work in methodology and statistics
  • To hold and promote local statistical events, teaching and career development opportunities

To find out more information or to sign up to the mailing list, please email


Associate Professor Louise Linsell (Chair)

NPEU Clinical Trials Unit

Derrick Bennett

Associate Professor Derrick Bennett

Clinical Trials Service Unit (CTSU)

OXSTAT Committee Members


Usama Ali

DPhil Student, CTSU


Jennifer Bell

NPEU Clinical Trials Unit


Mei Sum Chan

DPhil Student, CTSU and Big Data Institute


Lucy Davies

Surgical Intervention Trials Unit

Xinxue Liu

Oxford Vaccine Group


Dr Victoria Strauss