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  • Proposals must be new and should not have been submitted in a substantial form to other granting bodies, professional or lay.
  • All applications must include both researchers from Oxford University and Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford. Any Oxford University researcher can apply for these funds.
  • Projects already funded by another industry partner are ineligible.
  • It is recommended that successful applicants do not re apply within 2 years and the lead applicant must have a funded position at the University of Oxford for the duration of their proposed project.
  • Oxford academic should not submit more than two applications per round (as lead PI) 
  • Only required personnel should be named as applicants.
  • Oxford University applicants should discuss with their departmental administrator all proposals, as they will provide an X5 costing for the funding you require. Although X5 costings are not required to be (and should not be) attached to an application an X5 should still be done and approved by your administrator prior to application, please give 5 working days for your administrator to do this.
  • All costings should be performed at 100% FEC – please contact should you or your administrator have any questions.

All applicants must align with a Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford staff prior to application.