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Overall responsible for the strategic alliance is the Novo Nordisk – Oxford Strategic Alliance Committee (NNOSAC):  this committee includes the following members; Professor Sir John Bell, Professor Hugh Watkins, Processor Chas Bountra, Professor Cecilia Lindgren, Professor Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, Professor Marcus Schindler, Dr Lars Fogh Iversen, Professor Bill Haynes.

Responsibility for awarding pump priming grants has been delegated to The Novo Nordisk - Oxford Collaboration Committee (NNOCC). This committee will report to the NNOSAC and includes the following members, Prof Fredrik Karpe, Professor Jeremy Tomlinson, Professor Ana Domingos, Prof Bill Haynes, Dr Fang Zhang and Dr Jonna Howson. The NNOCC will meet on a frequent basis, with the aim a quick turn-around so that approved collaborative activities can be initiated quickly after approval (with an aim of no more than a 3 month delay). NNOCC members can be co applicants, but will be asked to declare conflicts of interest and refrain from decision making where such conflicts occur.