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 Eligible applicants must:

You are not eligible to apply if you are:

  •  A student
  • An honorary or visiting member of a department

Additional notes on employment

  • Priority will be given to Early Career Clinical Academics (Clinical Lecturers) who are establishing their independent career. Early Career Clinical Researchers should make their status clear in their application.
  • Postdoctoral Researchers and Clinical Research Fellows who are not yet independent may apply but should make a clear case for how an MSIF Pump-Priming award will help establish their independent career.
  • Clinical Research Fellows who have completed a doctorate may apply.
  • The Early Career Pump-Priming category is eligible for postdocs and early career researchers who have up to 8 years of experience in independent posts, in which they are responsible for developing and leading their own research agenda. Consideration will be made for career breaks such as maternity leave.

Eligible costs

Any non-staff research costs, including equipment, are eligible for funding. Staff costs may only be requested to buy time from staff providing a specialist service, for example, Research Nurses, Pharmacists, Animal Technicians, etc. It is expected that any staff costs requested will represent a percentage of the staff member’s working hours for the period of the project and be for a specific purpose (for example one day per week of Research Nurse time for three months to collect blood samples). Salary for a research assistant to conduct the research project is not an eligible cost.

If you are not sure if the staff costs you want to request are eligible, please contact


Letters of Support

All postdoctoral researchers applying to the scheme must have a letter of support attached from their line manager confirming that the applicant has time to complete the project on top of their normal responsibilities. 

Additional letters of support, particularly that detail department support, facilities, and/or the environment underpinning the project, are not essential but recommended.