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Eligible applicants must: 

  • Hold a contract of employment with one of the departments within the Medical Sciences Division or the Social Sciences Division
  • Applicants may either be a researcher or an engagement professional - by which we mean professional services staff with responsibility for public engagement, public patient involvement, community engagement, participatory research, or other similar activity

Additional notes on eligibility

  • Co-applicants are people who will contribute to the project and support the PI, these can be other members of staff (e.g., researchers, DPhil students, teaching staff, public engagement professionals, museum staff) or external partners (e.g., patients, representatives of community groups, teachers).

  • Staff who are new to participatory research are encouraged to apply, as are those who are more experienced.

  • A University cost centre is needed to host an award. College-based activities can occur, but funds must be managed through a Faculty or Department.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs could include:

  • Payments and related costs for public contributors
  • Venue and catering costs
  • Evaluation costs

Activities that are not eligible include:

  • Activities that do not involve communities or users of research
  • Research consultancy
  • Participation in academic conferences or seminars
  • Staff time for those on permanent contracts