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applying in irams

Please submit your application online via the Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS).

Guidance on using IRAMS for applicants, departmental approvers, and administrators can be found on the Research Support pages.

The below supporting documents must be submitted with your application:

  • X5 Admin Output equalling the ‘Total Project Cost’ entered in IRAMS
  • Short CV (maximum two pages)
  • Letter of support from supervisor/line manager (see below)

Please complete the application form which can be downloaded from IRAMS (under Case For Support) and upload this combined with the other documents requested above to IRAMS as a single PDF.

Letter of support and Departmental approval

Applications must include a letter of support from the applicant's supervisor/line manager or equivalent which includes:

  • Brief description of why bridging the member of staff is important to the department
  • Commitment to provide 25% of the salary for the bridged period (if applicable) which has been agreed with the Head of Department/Head of Admin & Finance, or other member of senior management who has authority to provide this commitment
  • Description of the longer-term funding plans for the individual, including confirmation that the applicant or their group leader has applied for salary funding for after the end of the bridging period.
  • Confirmation that the applicant qualifies for consideration for priority funding (if applicable) because they have recently returned from a period of leave for caring responsibilities (see Selection Process for more information) 

Applications must also have received Departmental Approval through IRAMS before the advertised deadline. Only applications which are supported by the host department will be considered for funding. 

Departments may set an internal deadline for review of these applications which is earlier than the advertised call deadline. Please check with your local grants team and prepare your application well in advance of the advertised deadline. 


Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit applications to later rounds of the fund provided that they are still eligible. The chance of a resubmitted application being funded is no greater than that of a first-time applicant.

Successful applicants may not reapply to the fund for a further period of bridging salary support until at least 2 years has elapsed since the end of their previous bridging period.