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PILOT scheme

This is a pilot scheme which will run for 12 months (four rounds) in the first instance over the course of 2024. The principles of the internal bridging salary scheme have received support from the senior leaders of the Medical Sciences Division and the Heads of Department.

This Scheme Guidance is being revised on a regular basis following queries or lessons arising from each round of the pilot. A full Log of Changes to the Scheme Guidance is available in SharePoint. Applicants are recommended to review the Log of Changes prior to submitting/resubmitting an application in case the guidance has changed since it was last accessed. 

If the scheme as launched is found at any point to be unworkable or not to be capable of fulfilling its purpose, the Medical Sciences Division may withdraw the scheme (before or after the end of the pilot) and reconsider the best way of supporting its researchers. 

Remit of the Scheme

The scheme aims to support early career researchers working in the Medical Sciences Division who are on externally-funded contracts by providing short-term bridging salary support.

budget & sources of funding

The budget for Year 1 is £500,000 which has been contributed from MSD internal sources and the EPA Cephalosporin Fund. 

Budget is expected to be allocated evenly across 4 rounds per year and make 4 or 5 awards per round.