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The Improving Equitable Access to Healthcare Pump Priming Scheme will make awards of £10,000 – £50,000 (exceptional applications for up to £100,000 will be considered) with the aim of pump-priming activity and building interdisciplinary research collaborations in the area of increasing global equitable access to healthcare.

As described by Wellcome, the barriers to equitable access include inadequate healthcare systems, lack of infrastructure, pricing practices, and sub-optimal regulatory and procurement processes. IP is also a barrier if rights are not secured and managed in a manner that enables equitable access.

Any research project will be considered that aims to address one or more of these barriers, or other causes of inequality in access to healthcare (see Eligibility).

This scheme is currently expected to have a single application round (see Deadline).

Source of Funds

Wellcome have provided funding for this scheme through the IP Revenue Retention mechanism.

Equitable Access to Healthcare Network

A symposium is planned for 2024 to facilitate the development of a network of researchers in Oxford and identify areas of shared interest. All researchers working in the area will be welcome to attend, and representatives of all projects funded through this scheme will present a summary of their projects. This symposium will also inform the direction of any future calls.