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Applicants must submit an application in IRAMS. If you start drafting an application and want to continue it later, click Save within your application. It will then appear in the My Applications tab in IRAMS.

In addition to entering the information requested in the tabs in IRAMS, you must download and complete the Case For Support Template. This is available in IRAMS on the Case For Support tab as a Word document.

The Case For Support Template must be converted to PDF and uploaded to IRAMS as a single PDF. If you are applying for £20,000 or more, you must include in the PDF a letter of support from the most relevant central body to the application (Research Staff Hub, POD, Careers Service, EDU, etc.) confirming that the proposal does not duplicate current/planned future activity and is complementary to central initiatives. 

Proposals must present activity that will be able to start quite rapidly and that will end by 31 March 2023, due to restrictions on the source of the funding. In some exceptional cases the end date in IRAMS may be later than 31 March 2023 (e.g. if a series of events from an external provider will continue beyond March 2023 and is paid for in advance), however all spending on the award must be complete by 31 March 2023. No extensions beyond this date will be possible.

If you are applying for support from the MSDO Research Culture Facilitator rather than just funding, in the Financial Details tab:

  • In the table Budget Requested From This Fund, enter as row 1:
  1. Purpose = ‘Staff: Research Staff’
  2. Description = ‘MSDO Research Culture Facilitator’
  3. Year 1 amount = ‘£0.00’.
  • Enter any additional costs requested from the Fund as subsequent rows in the table
  • Under Contributions From Other Sources enter any other sources of funding that will contribute to the project
  • The Total Project Cost is automatically calculated by IRAMS and will equal the values entered above.
  • The Total Requested from This Fund is automatically calculated by IRAMS if an amount is entered in the Budget Requested table. The Total Requested must equal the total entered in the Budget Requested From This Fund table. If only time from the Research Culture Facilitator is requested, this will equal £0 and must be entered manually (IRAMS may not enter a £0 value automatically).