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In January 2017, the University of Oxford and Novo Nordisk announced a landmark research collaboration. As part of the collaboration, Novo Nordisk has built a research centre within the University of Oxford: The Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford (NNRCO). The centre focuses on innovation within early stage research that has the potential to substantially impact future treatment of cardiometabolic disease. NNRCO is located within the Innovation building on Old Road Campus.


Areas of Interest

It is expected that these projects will be codeveloped and should have relevance to understanding human cardiometabolic biology and disease. Priority will be given to projects aligned with NNRCO’s areas of interest, such as human genetics, human cellular disease models, functional genomics, multi-omics, high content imaging, phenotypic screens and computational biology. Due to the collaborative nature of the project, it is expected that either party could bring expertise covering one or more of these areas of interest. Applications should describe the translational potential of projects, such as the use of human-relevant tissues and assays, and how results will help elucidate cardiometabolic disease mechanisms and potentially identify targets.

It is expected that most pump priming research will be precompetitive and that any arising IP would be joint (Subject to contract & 3rd party funders if present).



Projects with a maximum cost of up to £35k each will be considered for funding, the projects should be undertaken within 12 months. 

The funds are provided from Novo Nordisk and can cover consumables, expenses, analysis costs, animal costs, other services, travel and personnel costs at University of Oxford, but not that of a new hire.



Pump Priming Awards will be made in alignment with the pre-agreed and pre-approved Strategic Alliance Agreement, which covers Intellectual Property (IP) rights and publication procedures.

  • All applications, information provided and discussions should be non-confidential
  • IP will be jointly owned
  • Written proposals for publication will be submitted to Novo Nordisk 45 days prior to publication (however, reviews will be undertaken as quick as possible)
  • If you have questions relating to disclosure of background Intellectual Property relating to this proposal, [that you believe may need to be protected], please seek advice from OUI Life Sciences (

Only a simple letter of agreement, aligning with the Strategic Alliance Agreement will be required if successful.