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13 awards have been made for the 2012-2013 ISSF fund; a further two bids supporting clinical graduate students and trainees were renewed for an additional year.

Renewed bids from 2011-12:

  •  ‘Oxford University clinical academic graduate school (OUCAGS) education and career support’ Ken Fleming, Christopher Pugh, Alastair Buchan. Funding for flexible research bursaries, for a professional development officer and contribution towards cost of research training modules. (MSD)
  •  ‘Improving access of clinical trainees to biomedical research opportunities in Oxford’ Christopher Pugh, Paul Klenerman, Helen McShane, Alison Simmons, Tim Lancaster, Anne Edwards.  Funds will support a series of initiatives to promote awareness of research opportunities among clinical trainees (including research fairs, a weekly academic forum, and presentations at student grand rounds), together with specific support for high performing F1 trainees to switch to an academic foundation option in F2. (MSD)

2012-13 funded projects:

  • 'Supporting iPSc-related research in Oxford' Sally Cowley, Zameel Cader, Richard Wade-Martins, William James. Funding will support the James Martin Stem Cell Facility, to enable the development of iPSc-based platforms for disease phenotype discovery, target discovery, and high-throughput drug screening.  (MSD)
  • 'Immune-correlates of Hepatitis B virus-associated liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma in China' Tao Dong. Funds to support a novel strategic partnership with Beijing You'an Hospital for a large scale cohort study of chronic Hepatitis B patients, to investigate the impact of HBV-specific T-cells in associated liver disease and liver carcinoma. (MSD)
  • 'Defining the functional genomic and epigenomic landscape of inflammatory arthritis' Julian Knight, Gil McVean, Peter Taylor, Paul Bowness, Fredrik Karpe, Chris Ponting. Funding to support the fornation of a multi-disciplinary research centre of excellence in the functional and translational genomics of rheumatic disease, in conjunction with Arthritis Research UK. The Centre will aim to to resolve the functional basis of disease risk loci for inflammatory arthritis using functional genomic and epigenomic approaches.  (MSD/MPLS)
  • 'An integrated approach to developing vaccines against bacterial invasive disease' Martin Maiden, Sunetra Gupta, Susan Lea, Christoph Tang. Funding to support an interdisciplinary, cross-divisional program in bacterial pathogenesis and control, with a focus onNeisseria and Chlamydia, and an aim to develop novel vaccination strategies to address the disease burden of these bacterial pathogens. (MPLS)
  • 'Development of new methodologies for next generation proteomic tools' Carol Robinson, Christopher Schofield, Peter Ratcliffe, Robert Klose, Kim Naismith, Chas Bountra, Colin Kleanthous, Frances Barr. Funding to establish a world-leading proteomics facility which will overcome traditional pitfalls in proteomics research, by establishing methods to develop proteomics tools for the simultaneous study of multiple post translational modifications. (MPLS/MSD)
  • 'Promoting the use of pan-European integrated technologies for structural biology research by implementing an expanded outreach programme in association with Instruct' David Stuart, E. Yvonne Jones, Kay Grunewald, Susan Daenke. Funds to support improved outreach of Instruct, a pan-European structural biology consortium coordinated by Oxford, into the wider European community through supporting attendance at a targeted workshop for non-scientists held as part of the Instruct annual meeting. (MSD)
  • 'Exploring the exome in inherited heart disease: approaches to developing clinical bioinformatics' Hugh Watkins, Martin Farrall. Funds to support the use of next-generation sequencing technologies to study the exomes of patients at risk of sudden cardiac death, and to catalogue and filter candidate mutations to identify patterns linking gene expression and disease. (MSD)
  • 'The Sir Hans Krebs Chair in physiological metabolism' Frances Ashcroft, Peter Robbins. Funding to establish a new chair in physiological metabolism, to strengthen, develop and lead this research in the University. (MSD)
  • 'OxChemBioDB: University-wide Chemical Biology data and reagent sharing platform' Alastair Buchan, Brian Marsden, Chris Schofield. Funding to establish a web-based solution to publicise and share results in target discovery research, the first of its kind in the UK, which will work to reduce duplication and wastage in the drug discovery process. (MSD/MPLS)
  • 'Initiating the Africa-Oxford Health Systems Collaboration (OHSCAR)' Mike English, Kevin Marsh, Sasha Shepperd, Catherine Molyneux.  Funds to develop and support health care systems research in Africa, in collaboration with the Wellcome-supported Kenya Major Overseas Programme, and to promote links with health economics, health care evalulation and services, and public health efforts in Africa. (MSD)
  • 'Practical Ethics and Neuroscience of Altruism' Julian Savulescu, Guy Kahane, Nadira Faulmueller. Funds to create a research programme in practical ethics and moral neuroscience, to explore the ethical implications of advances in neuroscience which are aimed at changing behaviour, and to establish the ethical, social and legal limits of this work. (HUM)
  • 'Molecular microbiology capacity building in SE Asia: establishment of a molecular microbiology laboratory at Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia' Paul Turner, Claudia Turner, Nicholas Day. Funds to establish a molecular microbiology laboratory at the Angkor Hospital for Children, to enhance the available diagnostic and research capacity for diseases such as dengue, leptospirosis, and typhus. (MSD)
  • 'Contribution to start up package for a new senior clinical academic in Diabetes' Hugh Watkins, Stephen Gough. Funds for a new post to be established in OCDEM, to bridge the translational gap between the basic science programmes and clinical research in diabetes in Oxford and to strengthen UK and international links. (MSD)