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ISSF Committee

  • Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences; Wellcome Trust ISSF Lead; Chair)
  • Professor Keith Channon (Deputy Head of Division (Research), MSD)
  • Professor Frances Gardner (Department of Social Policy and Intervention)
  • Professor Susie Dunachie (Nuffield Department of Medicine)
  • Professor Joshua Hordern (Faculty of Theology and Religion)
  • Officers from all Divisions representing Divisional administration: Martin Edmunds and Kathleen Dolan (MPLS); Armando Roman-Zozaya (SSD); Ian Lyne (Humanities)
  • Sarah Wagstaffe (Translational stream)
  • Katherine Corr (Equality and Diversity stream)
  • Naomi Gibson (PER stream) 

MSD ISSF Review Pool Volunteer Form (Applications Closed)

Please complete the Review Pool Volunteer form if you are interested in joining our pool of reviewers for ISSF. Members of the pool will receive further information and training. Members will not be asked to review more than three applications per year.