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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section before submitting an application.

Researchers must submit an application in IRAMS for an award to bridge their own salary.

In addition to entering the information requested in the tabs in IRAMS, you must download and complete the Case For Support Template. This is available in IRAMS on the Case For Support tab as a Word document.

The Case For Support Template must be converted to PDF and uploaded to IRAMS as a single PDF, combined with:

  1. X5 Admin Output equalling the ‘Total Project Cost’ entered in IRAMS
  2. The applicant’s short CV (maximum two pages)
  3. Letter of support from the Head of Department or equivalent, including commitment of the 20% of the salary for period to be bridged, and a description of the longer-term funding plans for the individual

When completing the application tabs In IRAMS, in The Project tab please enter the:

  • Project Title as ‘Bridging Salary Award for (Applicant Name)’
  • Approving Unit as your Host Department or Unit that will be providing Departmental Approval for your application in IRAMS
  • Start date as the first day of the period to be bridged, i.e. the day after your contract ends
  • End date as the last day of the period to be bridged (must be no more than 6 months after the start date)

In the Financial Details tab:

  • Enter the application amount (80% of your salary for the bridging period) into the table Budget Requested From This Fund under Staff: Research Staff in Year 1.  
  • Enter the remaining 20% as a contribution from the Department/Faculty under Contributions From Other Sources.
  • Check that the Total Project Cost calculated by IRAMS equals the Price of six months’ of salary as shown on your X5 Admin Output.
  • Select the appropriate Type Of Grant Sought depending on if another source of salary support may be received during the bridging period. A bridging award can be either:
    1. ‘Underwriting’ (if you are awaiting the outcome of an external funding application that would start during the bridging period, and so may return some or all of the bridging award unspent), or
    2. ‘Outright’ (if your future external funding will not start until the end of the bridging period and so you are unlikely to return any of the bridging award unspent)

It is not necessary to name any Co-applicants or Form Editors, unless you wish other people to be copied into notifications about your application or to be able to edit your application.