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Lead applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local translational support team before the application deadline.

The purpose of these discussions will be to i) finalize the concept for the proposal and ascertain eligibility for the scheme; ii) assist teams in finding collaborating groups in Oxford/MORU network as appropriate;  iii) to identify opportunities for project support (both financial and non-financial) to accelerate translation; and iv) assist with application development.

Due to the joint nature of this call, the application form should be submitted to BOTH Oxford and MORU support offices as follows:

MORU Network:

Submit to cc. a copy of the completed application form to their unit head or, where the applicant is a student, their advisor.


Submit an online application through the Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS). IRAMS Guidance in the form of quick reference guide documents for applicants, departmental approvers and administrators can be found on Research Support pages.


Please note that applications must be reviewed and approved in IRAMS by a Departmental Approver before they will be reviewed by the Committee; the advertised application deadline is the deadline for final submission to thecCommittee. Departments may set an earlier internal deadline to allow for departmental review, so please check with your local admin team and submit your application to your Departmental Approver in advance of the advertised deadline.

The online application form in IRAMS requests information about the principal applicant and any co-applicants or editors, a lay summary, a financial breakdown of your proposal (X5 report must be appended) and a case for support uploaded to the IRAMS application system. You must incorporate all requested components of the case for support into one document and upload this in the template provided on IRAMS as a PDF.

A case for support (four pages max.) and CVs (one page max. each PI & CoI) for all applicants named in the application must be appended to the CCT application form.

The case for support must include:

  • A 250-word abstract of the proposal, including any health issue(s) to be tackled;
  • Project objectives and proposed outcomes, including information about proposed development milestones and potential next steps following completion of the project to include, for example, sources of follow-on funding, plans for commercialisation, key stakeholders for implementation of outcomes;
  • A description of how the project will help move the research down the translational pathway (including, if possible, the TRL before and after the project – see Appendix 2 in call text;
  • A description of the mutual benefit each team will get from this project;
  • A project timeline, aligning with milestones to demonstrate that these are realistic both in terms of the objectives set and the time necessary to achieve them; 
  • A justification for support for the MORU- and Oxford-based teams, explaining how the proposal is aligned with the remit and objectives of the CCT Fund;
  • A discussion around market competition – will the proposed research offer significant advantages over current methodologies and/or approaches from other research teams?
  • IP status: Does the project require use of background IP and do you/will you have the necessary agreements in place if such background IP is controlled by a third party? Will the project generate any arising IP? How will this be managed between collaborators?;
  • Details of any industrial engagement in your project and plans to advance this.