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Professor Kevin Marsh (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine) successfully applied to the Wellcome ISSF for a grant to establish the Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx), a platform to encourage collaboration between the University of Oxford and African institutions. Hear more about the initiative from Kevin and Dr Anne Makena, the AfOx Programme Coordinator.

 Interview transcript 

project overview

This project established the Africa Oxford Initiative, a cross-university platform for academic and research collaborations between the University of Oxford and African researchers and institutions. With an emphasis on equitable collaboration, this project has created a database of Oxford based researchers with an interest in African research, established an online communication platform to support a network of Africa-Oxford associated research fellows, and provided funds for a travel grants scheme to further collaboration between Oxford and Africa. 

researcher profiles

Kevin MarshProfessor Kevin Marsh

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine


Anne Makena

Dr Anne Makena

Programme Coordinator

Africa Oxford Initiative



This project received £111k from the Wellcome ISSF between April 2015 and September 2018, as the strategic case for establishing AfOx was very clearly made and the outcomes will be of direct relevance to the Wellcome Overseas Units, and more broadly across the University.

Read more about Wellcome ISSF on the Wellcome website

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