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Garden Quad, St John's College, 18th October 2016


Peter Jezzard, Christian Eggeling, Matthew Robson, Niki Sibson and Damian Tyler

Scientific Programme

08:50-09:20: Registration and poster set up

09:20-09:30: Welcome and Introduction

09.30-10.45: Platform Session 1: The Long of It: Imaging at the Systems and Whole Organ Level (Chair: Dan Bulte)

09.30-09.45: Veerle Kerseman (Oncology) – Quantification of the tumour vascular network by high-resolution contrast-enhanced CT

09.50-10.05: Eugene Duff (FMRIB, NDCN) – The Developing Human Connectome Project: a large-scale imaging study of foetal and neonatal brain development

10.10-10.25: Vanessa Ferreira (Cardiovascular Medicine) – Applications of cardiac MRI parametric mapping

10.30-10:45: Joel Smith (Dept of Public Health) – The health economics of imaging

10.45-11.45: Poster Session 1 + Tea/Coffee: Odd numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

11.45-12.45: Annual Guest Lecture: Robert S. Balaban, National Institutes of Health, USA: "Functional Imaging of the mitochondrial reticulum in muscle"

12.45-13.30: Buffet Lunch

13.30-14.30: Poster Session 2 + Tea/Coffee: Even numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

14:30-16:10: Platform Session 2: The Short of It: Imaging at the Cellular and Microscopic Scale (Chair: Stephen Faulkner)

14.30-14.45: Michael Dustin (Kennedy Institute) – Visualizing the syntax of immune cell communication

14.50-15.05: Dominic Waithe (WIMM) – Counting cells in 3D microscopy using density kernel estimation

15.10-15.25: Mark Wallace (Chemistry [now KCL]) – Single-molecule Imaging of lipid membrane pores

15.30-15.45: Sonia Contera (Physics) – Quantifying biology with atomic force microscopy

15.50-16.05: Proffered talk: David Vaux (Dunn School) – The age of macromolecules: imaging subcellular turnover

16:10: Close


We are grateful to a number of our industrial partners for their generous support of the 2016 Imaging Festival. 

Gold sponsors

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