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Garden Quad, St John's College, 13th October 2010


Peter Jezzard, Ian Dobbie, Niki Sibson and Damian Tyler

Scientific Programme

08:50-09:20: Registration and poster set up

09:20-09:30: Welcome and Introduction

09:30-10:45: Platform Session 1: Imaging Therapy (Chair: Fergus Gleeson)

09.30-09.50: Carolyn Carr (DPAG) – Imaging stem cell therapy for the heart

09.50-10.10: Constantinos Coussious (IBME) – Passive imaging for real-time monitoring of high intensity focussed ultrasound therapies

10.10-10.30: Charlotte Stagg (FMRIB) – Using imaging to understand stroke recovery

10.30-10.45: Proffered Talk: Paul Barber (ROB) – Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy: optical detection of protein-protein interactions in cells and tissue

10.45-11.45: Poster Session 1: Odd numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

11.45-12.30: Annual Oxford Varian Lecture: Prof. Karl Herholz, Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, University of Manchester, Title: "The current status of PET imaging biomarkers in clinical dementia research". (Introduced by Prof. Klaus Ebmeier)

12.30-13.30: Buffet Lunch

13.30-14.30: Platform Session 2: Image and Data Analysis (Chair: Vincente Grau)

13.30-13.50: Martin Bishop (Comlab) – Modelling the heart using high resolution images

13.50-14.10: Russell Hamilton (Biochemistry) – ParticleStats: analysis of motility and polarity from tracking data

14.10-14.30: Mark Woolrich (Psychiatry/FMRIB) – MEG and combining multiple neuroimaging modalities

14.30-14.45: Special Focus Talk: Michele Warren and Christopher Rau – Imaging opportunities at the Diamond Light Source. (Chair: Ian Dobbie)

14.45-15.45: Poster Session 2: Even numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network

15.45-17.00: Platform Session 3: Imaging Function (Chair: Niki Sibson)

15.45-16.05: Nicolas Delalez (Physics) – Investigating flagellar motor protein dynamics at single molecule level

16.05-16.25: Tom Okell (FMRIB and NHS Clinical Engineering) – Imaging collateral flow in cerebrovascular disease using MRI

16.25-16.45: Chris Rodgers (Cardiovascular Medicine) – High field prospects for human cardiac imaging

16.45-17.00: Proffered Talk: Chris Martin (ROB) – Animal models in neuroimaging: understanding functional brain imaging signals and investigating disease

17:00: Close


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