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Garden Quad, St John's College, 16th September 2009


Peter Jezzard, Ilan Davis and Damian Tyler

Scientific Programme

09:00-09:30: Arrival, set up posters. N.B. Even number posters will be presented a.m. session and odd number posters presented in the afternoon session

09:30-09:45: Welcome and summary of activities of Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network

09:45-10:45: Annual Oxford Varian Lecture: Dr Ernst Stelzer, EMBL, Heidelberg, Title: "Three-Dimensional Imaging and Three-Dimensional Specimens: How three-dimensional cell-based assays are about to change our world". Introduced by Dr Ilan Davis

10:45-11:45: Poster Session 1 and Tea/Coffee

11:45-12:45: Platform Session 1: Emerging Technologies: Chaired by Prof. Alison Noble

Martin Booth (Dept of Engineering Science), "Adaptive Optics for Harmonic Generation Microscopy"

Ilan Davis (Dept of Biochemistry), "Tracking mRNA Movement Using Novel Microscopy and Image Analysis Methods"

Sofia Pascu (Dept of Chemistry): "Novel PET Agents"

12:45-13:45: Buffet Lunch

13:45-14:45: Platform Session 2: Imaging at Extreme Scales: Chaired by Dr Damian Tyler

John Ryan (Dept of Physics), "Atomic Force Microscopy: Real-Time Molecular Imaging"

Kay Grunwald (STRUBI) "Probing Macromolecules in their Native Environment by Cryo Electron Microscopy"

Chris Lintott (Dept of Astrophysics), "Imaging a Million Galaxies: The Galaxy Zoo Project"

14:45-15:45: Poster Session 2 and Tea/Coffee

15:45-16:45: Platform Session 3: Development: Chaired by Dr Peter Kohl

Shankar Srinivas (DPAG), "Imaging Mammalian Embryogenesis"

Mark Fricker (Dept of Plant Sciences), "Imaging and Modelling the Development of Fungal Networks"

Kate Watkins (Dept of Experimental Psychology): "Imaging Developmental Disorders of Speech and Language"

16:45-17:30: Platform Session 4: Future Horizons in Human Imaging: Chaired by Prof. Sir Mike Brady

Stuart Clare (FMRIB), "Prospects for Neuroimaging at 7 Tesla"

Robin Choudhury (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), "Combined MRI and X-Ray Angiography in Acute Vascular Diseases"

Gillies McKenna (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), "The Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre"

17:30 Close


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