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Garden Quad, St John's College, 16th September 2008

Scientific Programme

09:00-09:30: Arrival, set up posters

09:30-09:45: Welcome and summary of activities of Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network

09:45-10:45: Cardiovascular Imaging (Chairs: Robin Choudhury and Damian Tyler)

Peter Kohl (DPAG), "3D Reintegration of Cardiac Anatomy: From Macro to Nano"

Stefan Neubauer (Cardiovascular Medicine), "Phenotyping Cardiovascular Disease with Magnetic Resonance Methods"

Harald Becher (Cardiovascular Medicine), "Modern Cardiac Ultrasound Analysis Techniques"

10:45-11:45: Poster Session 1 and Tea/Coffee

11:45-12:30: Neuroimaging (Chairs: Martin Turner and Heidi Johansen-Berg)

Keith Brain (Pharmacology), "An optical technique to monitor peripheral autonomic transmission with submicron resolution"

Anna C. Nobre (Experimental Psychology), "When memory becomes attention"

Mark Jenkinson (Clinical Neurology): "Structural and Functional Analyses of Brain Imaging Data"

12:45-13:45: Buffet Lunch

13:45-14:45: Proffered Talks (Chairs: Alison Noble and Sofia Pascu)

Talk 1: Paul Leeson (Cardiovascular Medicine) "Imaging cardiovascular function in early life: from heart to capillary"

Talk 2: Roger Patient (IMM) "Imaging the development of a circulatory system in zebrafish using fluorescent transgenics"

Talk 3: Simon Bayly (Chemistry) "Design of PET Tracers for Imaging Hypoxia: Evaluation of Hydrophilic 64Cu-ATSM Conjugates"

Talk 4: Ben Davis (Chemistry) "Sugars and Proteins: Imaging probes from synthetic biology"

14:45-15:45: Poster Session 2 and Tea/Coffee

15:45-16:45: Oncology Imaging (Chairs: Thomas Brunner and Adrian Harris)

Shawn Carbonell (ROB), "Confocal/Multiphoton Imaging in Experimental Oncology"

Fergus Gleeson (Churchill Hospital), "Imaging Projects from the Biomedical Research Theme:
DCE MRI and Dynamic PET in Rectal Cancer, and Lung Imaging using Hyperpolarised Helium"

Olivier Noterdaeme (Engineering): "Image Analysis in Oncology Diagnosis and Therapy: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Contrast Enhanced MRI"

16:45-17:45: Annual Oxford Varian Lecture: Mark Henkelman (University of Toronto), "Imaging for Mouse Phenotyping"

18:00: Close


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