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Garden Quad, St John's College, 19th September 2007

Scientific Programme

09:15-09:45: Arrival, coffee, set up posters

09:45-10:00: Welcome and overview of Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network

10:00-11:00: Microscopy (Organisers: Nigel Emptage and Anthony Wilson)

Gero Miesenbock (Dept of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), "Change of Mind: Optical Control of Neural Circuits"

Nigel Emptage (Dept of Pharmacology), "Imaging Synaptic Plasticity"

David Vaux (Dunn School of Pathology), "Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)"

Anthony Wilson (Dept of Engineering Science), "Developments in Microscopy Instrumentation"

11:00-11:30: Coffee break

11:30-12:30: Pre-Clinical Imaging (Organisers: Niki Sibson and Damian Tyler)

Kate Vallis (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), "NanoCT-SPECT"

Jurgen Schneider (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), "Experimental Cardiac MR"

Damian Tyler (Dept Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), "Hyperpolaristion and MR"

Niki Sibson (Dept of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics), "Experimental Neuro MR in Rodents"

Matthew Rushworth (Dept of Experimental Psychology), "Using MRI to Compare Brain Anatomy in Man and Monkey"

12:30-13:30: Buffet Lunch

13:30-14:45: Human Imaging (Organisers: Peter Jezzard and Alison Noble)

Heidi Johansen-Berg (FMRIB Centre), "Brain Connectivity Assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

Alison Noble (Dept of Engineering Science), "Advances in Ultrasound"

Robin Choudhury (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine), "Imaging Atherosclerosis"

Fergus Gleeson (Dept of Radiology, Churchill Hospital), "The Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Imaging Theme"

Tony Bailey (Dept of Psychiatry), "Measuring Brain Function with Magnetoencephalography"

14:45-16:00: Tea and poster session

16:00-17:00: Molecular Imaging (Organisers: Jon Dilworth and Ruth Muschel)

Chris Grovenor (Dept of Materials), "Use of NanoSIMS to Provide Information on Speciation of Elements in Biological Materials"

Boris Vojnovic (Dept of Radiation Oncology and Biology), "Fluorescence Imaging"

Veronique Gouveneur (Dept of Chemistry), "The Role of Chemistry and Radiochemistry in PET Imaging"

17:00-17:50: GSK Sponsored Guest Lecturer: Bernd Pichler (University of Tuebingen), "Developments in Combined PET and MRI"

18:00: Close


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