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IHTM has launched the first two episodes in an exciting new podcast series looking at emerging and recurrent themes in global health.

A photo of Proochista Ariana and Caesar Atuire in the podcast recording room, recording the IHTM podcast series.

The series is called: Unpacking the Fundamentals of Global Health: Towards a New Generation of Leadership, and is hosted by  the International Health and Tropical Medicine (IHTM) Course Director, Professor Proochista Ariana In the first two podcasts Proochista is in conversation with IHTM Ethics Lead, Professor Caesar Atuire and they discuss:

  • Decolonization in Global Health
  • Partnerships in Global Health.

The aim of the series is to enrich understanding in order to improve the ways we engage with one another in the global health space. The series draws on IHTM faculty, teachers and alumni, who are at the forefront of health.

Further podcasts will be released shortly:

  • Breaking Down Barriers
  • Beware – Understanding Evidence
  • What is the Purpose of Research?
  • EDIA/Inclusive Culture in Global Health Institutions.


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