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The 2023 MSD Teaching Excellence Awards have been celebrated in a ceremony at Oxford Town Hall, on Tuesday 31st October. The ceremony was hosted by the Head of Division, Professor Gavin Screaton, the Associate Head of Division (Education), Professor Helen Christian, and the Head of Education Policy and Planning, Jane Dale.

MSD Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony winner photo at Oxford Town Hall

The Teaching Excellence Awards scheme has been in place since 2006, recognising and rewarding excellence in teaching, supervision, the organisation and development of teaching, and support for teaching and learning, within a research-intensive environment. The Awards formally acknowledge significant educational achievements, reward individuals who have exceeded expectations in carrying out their duties, and support the aspirations of those who wish to innovate and enhance our educational provision.

This year saw the highest number of nominations and winners to date.

It was exhilarating to get together for an Awards evening, for a moving and uplifting celebration of the outstanding work of the award and commendation winners.

 This year’s prizes/commendations were awarded to the following staff from across the Division:


  • Major Educator – Professor  Jill O’Reilly, Associate Professor David Sims, Professor Chris Norbury, Professor Gaia Scerif.
  • Lifetime Achievement – Dr Ruth Wilson, Dr Jane Moore, Dr Laurence Leaver, Professor Stuart Ferguson, Professor Jon Austyn.
  • Excellent Teacher – Professor Lars Jansen, Dr Kerry Walker, Dr Lisa Heather, Dr Jack Amiry.
  • Commendation For High-Quality Teaching  Professor Robert Hepach, Dr Ifor Capel, Dr Abhisek Ghosh.
  • Early Career Excellent Teacher – Dr Robert Conway, Dr Lior Pytowski, Mr Oliver P Featherstone.
  • Commendation For High-Quality Early Career Teaching  Dr Nir Shalev, Dr Daniel Foran.
  • Excellent Supervisor – Dr Charlotte Albury, Professor Ester Hammond, Professor Paul N Newton, Professor David Mole, Professor Rebeccah Slater.
  • Commendation For High-Quality Supervision  Professor Alex Bullock, Dr Haitian Fan, Dr Nicky Whiffin, Dr Paolo Tammaro, Dr Akira Wiberg, Mr Alexander Grassam-Row, Dr Calliope Dendrou, Professor Nele Demeyer, Dr Michelle McClements, Professor Ilina Singh, Professor Jelena Mirkovic.
  • Learning Support – Ms Charlotte Turner, Ms Rebecca Cardus, Mr Daniel Walters.


  • Dr Emma Sadler, Dr Gina Hadley, Dr Sally Frampton, Professor Gabriele De Luca, Professor Erica Charters, Dr Rumyana Smilevska, Mrs Sharmila Rajendran (Dissecting medicine's past: an exploration of the historical, legal and ethical context of cadaver use in medical education for students about to start their anatomy teaching)
  • Dr Monique Andersson, Mr Ben Swanson, Mr Alexander MacAulay, Dr David McCartney (OnWard- A mobile phone application to improve access to ward-based clinical learning opportunities for medical students’)
  • Mrs Sharmila Rajendran (Enhancing inclusive learning environments using smart whiteboard and virtual reality)
  • Dr Susanne Hodgson, Dr Francesca Donnellan, Dr Barnabas Williams (Design and Implementation of a novel, clinically focused Immunology workshop for graduate entry medical students)
  • Dr Sarah Millette, Dr Sarah McKelvie, Dr Sunil Manohar, Dr Amy Dawson, Dr Violeta Yammine, Dr Rachael Ayers (Discharge Summary Simulation Workshop)
  • Dr Daniel Foran, Dr Neel Doshi, Dr Lucia Lazzereschi, Dr Marianne Beach, Dr Soundarya Soundararajan, Dr Marco Coronelli, Dr Harriet Ogle, Dr Madeline Green, Dr Katherine Lee, Dr Bethany Seale, Dr Jothikka Amaralingam, Professor Brian Angus (Development of a gamified clinical teaching programme)


Congratulations to all of the winners.


 Read more about the 2023 Awardees

collage of al awardees