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At an event organised by the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator at the House of Commons on 18 May 2022, parliamentarians, policy makers and academics joined together to discuss how to bring ethical thinking and debate into public policy on pandemic recovery and preparedness, and how to involve the public.

Big Ben in London

The UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator programme, a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Edinburgh, University College London, and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, began in January 2021 under the leadership of Professor Ilina Singh (Department of Psychiatry).

Pandemic members have been working together to provide ethics research expertise to decision-makers, on numerous emerging challenges. The work includes rapid ethics evidence, guidance, critical analysis, and public dialogues.

As part of the programme's commitment to engaging the public in dialogue around ethical issues the Ethics Accelerator commissioned Hopkins Van Mil to conduct a public dialogue. A report, Pandemic ethics: a public dialogue. The ethical and societal considerations of COVID-19, COVID-19 recovery, and future pandemics, highlights the key ethical values and principles that the public wants the Government and policy makers to address.

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