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The Department of Experimental Psychology are delighted to announce that Daniel Freeman has been appointed as their new Professor of Psychology, joining from the Department of Psychiatry.

Photo of Daniel Freeman against a bright green background

Matthew Rushworth, Head of Department of Experimental Psychology, said, "The Professorship of Psychology is one of the most important appointments in the Department of Experimental Psychology. It has been held by a series of leading psychologists including Larry Weiskrantz, Sue Iversen, Ol Braddick and David Clark, who have all had a major influence on psychology in Oxford and far beyond. I am delighted that Daniel Freeman is the new Professor! His exciting research programme and the impact that it has in the clinic made him the ideal candidate and we're looking forward to him taking up the post towards the end of the term."

Daniel said, "It's an honour to be appointed to Oxford's Chair of Psychology. The outstanding achievements of David M Clark in the professorship sets the bar extremely high. It's a wonderful department in which psychological research, practice, and teaching noticeably flourish. The team and I are looking forward to joining very soon."

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