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April Fakes Day 2024 explores the potential for fakes to reveal hidden truths, as several museums display well known and obscure fakes.

Calendar day 01 April over yellow and blue background

In our age of misinformation there is rising concern about fact vs fiction, but this April Fools’ Day a celebration of hoaxes, forgeries and fakes will take place as Ethox researcher Professor Patricia Kingori encourages us to consider what is real.

From mysterious 16th Century monsters to fake ivory and infamous forged manuscripts, museums across London and Oxford will display objects and host activities that challenge audiences to consider the ethics of using fakes to determine truth, and whether some domains are more important than others when it comes to authenticity.

April Fakes Day is organised by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and will challenge audiences to consider the ethics of using fakes to judge what is real. Across museums in Oxford and London, objects and activities will take place including gallery displays of mysterious 16th century monsters, fake ivory, and infamous forged manuscripts.

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