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Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School, Room 3A32, The Cairns Library IT 
University of Oxford
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Samantha Knight

BSc, PhD, CBiol, MRSB, FRCPath

OUCAGS Head of Clinical Academic Development

As Head of Clinical Academic Development for the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School (OUCAGS), I work with clinical academic trainees to support and help strengthen the clinical academic training of Oxford's Academic Foundation doctors, Academic Clinical Fellows, Clinical Research Fellows and Clinical Lecturers.

Prior to my current role, I was OUCAGS' Manager and before this I worked for the University for many years in academic biomedical research, specialising in translational genetics research relevant for patients/families with rare disease, and cancer. My previous academic leadership roles were as a University Research Lecturer and Principal Investigator at the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford.

I can help you with

  • Advice about clinical academic training and careers
  • Local and national funding opportunities for clinicians and other healthcare professions
  • Local and national clinical academic training posts
  • Academic ARCP process
  • Courses and training opportunities
  • Links to research groups and clinical academic trainees
  • Training programmes within NHS England – Thames Valley
  • Any administrative queries regarding OUCAGS