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Oliver Rughani-Hindmarch

Translational Research Coordinator

I joined the Translational Research Office in November 2023 as a Translational Research Coordinator. In this role I will be supporting the academic translational research community in translating their early-stage technologies towards impactful innovations in the medical field. I will be involved with the internal funding portfolio, external funding applications and the project management of research along the translational research pathway. Before this, I spent a year as an associate consultant in life sciences, providing strategic and commercial support to pharmaceutical and biotech companies with assets in various stages of the development and commercial life cycles.

Previously, I was a post-doc at the University of Oxford working in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience, where I was researching neuropathic pain in humans and the role that the immune system plays in the generation and maintenance of neuropathic pain. I was awarded my DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2021, where I was working on a similar project that investigated neuropathic pain and inflammation using human model systems. Before this, I was an associate scientist in the cell biology department of an Oxford biotech company producing therapeutics in oncology, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.