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Gillian Morris


Medical Sciences Divisional Office
University of Oxford
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Gillian Morris

Assistant Registrar (Human Resources)

I work closely with the divisional HR team to provide an effective HR service to both the divisional office and the 16 departments in the Medical Sciences Division.

I have a dotted line reporting to the central HR team based in Worcester Street and work closely with the Athena SWAN Advisor and Facilitator.

I am responsible for leading the divisional personnel team in providing the services required by academic departments, the Medical Sciences Board and the central university in the recruitment, management and support of academic staff and in the conferment of academic titles. I oversee the provision of support for divisional office appointments.  I am also responsible for building on the partnership we have with the Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust HR team.

Prior to joining the Medical Sciences Divisional Office, I was Head of HR in the Ashmolean Museum, heading up a small team responsible for a lot of change management over a six year period.  Before coming to work in Oxford, I worked in the NHS across London where I developed an interest in training and developing NHS managers in the world of people management.