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Researchers from the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine organised an event for patients with immunological or inflammatory conditions, to inform them about relevant research and discuss how they can get involved.

What was the project?

Researchers from the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine organised an event for patients and their family members with immunological and inflammatory conditions who attend endoscopy and outpatient appointments in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The evening event included short talks from several speakers about how patients could get involved in building an active network for future studies, and a ‘Research Registry’ where patients could sign up to be approached for future research studies. Surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires were used to ensure that the patients could communicate their thoughts on research priorities throughout the event.

How did the seed fund support the project?

The Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund provided money for materials to advertise the event, and for resources at the event.

What were the benefits of the project?                     

This event helped researchers to gain better understand of the thinking, desires, and needs of patients, while patients were informed about the development of research relevant to them. The establishment of the Research Registry will help recruitment for future studies. In addition, evaluation of the event will help researchers to improve future Patient and Public Involvement events.