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This project developed an online patient advisory panel to give researchers at the Oxford Transplant Centre and Oxford Kidney Unit a patient perspective on upcoming research projects.

opap_logo.pngWhat was the project?

Renal and transplant patients have chronic health conditions that require ongoing care over many years. There is a lot of research activity undertaken in the field both in Oxford and elsewhere. This project developed an online platform for a patient advisory panel to support research activities within the Oxford Kidney Unit and Oxford Transplant Unit. The panel (now established) allows as many interested patients as possible to provide researchers with a patient perspective on upcoming research projects and patient materials. All renal and transplant patients from Oxford and its peripheral clinics have been invited to participate.

How did the seed fund support the project?

The Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund supported the development of a new section of the existing Oxford Transplant Foundation (OTF) website to host the patient panel and paid for promotional materials to advertise the panel.

What were the benefits of the project?

This project allows patients and the public to stay informed of ongoing renal and transplant research projects in Oxford. It also ensures that research is patient-centred and communicated in a way that patients can understand. Participants in the panel  have the chance to develop skills in appraising research ideas, and a greater understanding of the research process. As the panel is able to advise on patient information leaflets for clinical care, as well as research projects, the project has also proved very useful for nurse specialists and other members of the clinical team.