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The following innovative projects from across the Medical Sciences Division have received funding in previous rounds of the Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund to engage the public with medical research.

Projects funded in 2018

Comic infographic© James Stayte, Phoenix Comic

The Mobile Malaria Project Expedition Comic Strip

The project informed young people on the challenges of malaria research in Africa, engaging them with how cutting edge science is being used to control malaria and exciting them about potential scientific careers by documenting real life scientists working in Africa.

Mums with babies all seated on the floor while a professional is telling a story© Peeple

BabyLab on Tour

This project took research on early development into the community, though a series of play-based workshops and feature tips on how parents can support their child’s Executive Function development. Parents were also able to take part in a mini-study session where they gained an insider view into the joys and challenges of infant research.


Four people, kids and adults enjoying drawing and doing some crafts as part of an activity.

Picturing Parkinson's

This ongoing project brings together artists, patients and neuroscientists to bridge the gap between objective research into Parkinson’s Disease and people’s lived experience of the condition.

Projects funded in 2017

Board Games Cafe© Ian Wallman


Board Games Cafe

Members of the public played short, science-themed board games each hosted by a University of Oxford researcher, who used the game to communicate their academic research.

Our Genes Our Selves© Eleanor Minney, 2018


 Our Genes, Our Selves

This project explored the links between genes and our individual personalities, using the art to open up discussions about the ethical dimensions of mental health research, as well as its implications on wider society. 

Yarnfulness Project© University of Oxford


Yarnfulness Project

An innovative public engagement project investigating whether yarn-based crafting can improve health and well-being.

Projects funded in 2016

Fishy Clouds© Video courtesy of Professor Phaik Yeong Cheah

Fishy Clouds

This project evaluated the outcomes of the health-themed drama workshop Fishy Clouds, which ran as part of ongoing public engagement activities at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Research Centre (MORU) in Bangkok.

Online Patient Advisory Panel

Online Patient Advisory Panel

This project developed an online patient advisory panel to give researchers at the Oxford Transplant Centre and Oxford Kidney Unit a patient perspective on upcoming research projects.

Raising awareness of whooping cough© Marta Valente Pinto


Raising awareness of whopping cough

This project supported the development of an activity to inform pupils, parents and teachers in Thames Valley Primary and Secondary Schools about and whooping cough, helping them to gain a greater understanding of the disease.