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Updated: March 2018
Approval: Medical Sciences Divisional Office
Author: Education and Facilities


Parties, such as Christmas and Birthdays, are not permitted in the Tingewick Hall or the Lecture Theatres, please contact the Osler House instead for these types of events – the booking link can be seen here:

Please ensure that all areas you use (including the backstage area) are left clean and ready for the next user - this is your responsibility

  • All furniture must be returned to its original position
  • All borrowed equipment should be returned to the store cupboard and keys returned to the Medical School Office
  • Please take particular care if you are moving any heavy objects over the wooden floor - DO NOT DRAG TABLES
  • All paper, rubbish, glasses, cups etc. must be removed from the premises - there are skips through the double doors in the corridor by Tingewick hall, at the back end of the building
  • If spillages should occur, please ensure that they are cleaned up
  • Please note: we do not supply bin bags or cloths, please bring enough so you can clean up after your event

    Should these conditions not be met, a charge will be levied for cleaning and/or not moving furniture back to its original position.

Food and drink is NOT allowed in the Lecture Theatres or Tingewick hall, if you wish to serve refreshments please book level 3 foyer for this purpose.

No alcohol is to be sold without the requisite Temporary Events Notice being granted.  This notice should be displayed at all times during the event and shown to the police or any authorised officer of the Licensing Authority on request.  Alcohol served on level 2 should be served from the bar at the far end of the foyer. 

Under no circumstances should alcohol be allowed outside the Tingewick Hall and Tingewick Foyer. The notice does not permit this and you could be liable for prosecution.

There is no car parking available for participants attending meetings at the Academic Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital. The hospital site is served by Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach Oxford services.

Please contact the John Radcliffe Car Parking Office, on +44 (0)1865 220108 to make special parking arrangements (e.g. in evenings and weekends parking may be allowed).

Organisers should make arrangements for an adequate number of stewards to be available in the foyer/reception area when the attendees arrive to ensure safety and again when attendees leave the event to ensure the building is completely vacated.

Organisers should acquaint themselves with the general fire notices, which are displayed adjacent to the fire alarm call points in the building (i.e. on the two glass exit doors in the Tingewick Hall). The organiser must allocate informed stewards who will be able to direct all attendees to the fire exits in the event of a fire.

The John Radcliffe Hospital has adopted a ‘clean air’ policy and it is an important condition of any hire that no smoking is allowed in any areas hired.

Organisers should use the rear of the Academic Centre for unloading food and equipment, as vehicles are not allowed to park outside the front entrance. 

Please note, there are no facilities in the Academic Centre for cooking or preparing meals of any sort. In accordance with the Foods Safety Act, both Local Fire and Environmental Health authorities have prohibited the use of any areas in the Academic Centre for cooking. BBQs are strictly prohibited on site.

External bookings (non-NHS or University bookings) may be required to pay a fee for the hire of the premises, a deposit cheque of £100.00 which must be taken to the Medical School Office. 

Please make cheques payable to 0306 ORH Charitable Fund. A full list of charges can be viewed on this site.

There may be a charge of £30 for a performing rights fee if your event involves music.

We want you to enjoy using the areas and hope that your exams, teaching sessions and other events go well