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The 2023 Teaching Excellence Awards Ceremony took place in the Oxford Town Hall, on Tuesday 31 October 2023. The Ceremony celebrated Teaching Excellence Award winners from 2023. It was hosted by the Head of Division, Professor Gavin Screaton, the Associate Head of Division (Education), Professor Helen Christian, and the Head of Education Policy and Planning, Jane Dale.

MSD Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony winner photo at Oxford Town Hall

The Teaching Excellence Awards recognise and reward excellence in teaching, supervision, the organisation and development of teaching, and support for teaching and learning, within a research-intensive environment. They formally acknowledge significant educational achievements, reward individuals who have exceeded expectations in carrying out their duties, and support the aspirations of those who wish to innovate and enhance our educational provision.

In 2023 the number of nominations and winners reached their highest levels so far. More than 120 people attended which included families, friends, colleagues and students all coming together in celebration to support the occasion.

During the ceremony we heard from 2022 Project award winners Dr Neel Doshi and Dr Madeline Green on the Med Virtual Simulation Programme as well as Dr Pamina Mitter on the Race and Practice Course in Mental Healthcare. Major Educator award winner Professor Jill O’Reilly gave an inspiring speech to share her experience of transforming statistics and coding teaching.

It was exhilarating to get together for an Awards evening, for a moving and uplifting celebration of the outstanding work of the award and commendation winners.

Congratulations to all of the award and commendation winners of the 2023 Teaching Excellence Awards.

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